Come along and you can see my adventures into learning iOS app development. Recently I decided to teach myself some Swift and Xcode so I could make my very own app. This app is a drinking game with multiple games combined into one!

This is a console program that replicates Conway's game of life. The program has three game modes: classic mode, doughnut mode, and mirror mode. Based on the mode, the program will carry out a simulation of reproducing and destroying cells based on the ones living around them.

The point of this program is to simulate a registrar's office and calculate the wait times that would be created based on the amount of windows open, students waiting in line, etc. This could be used in real life to find the most efficient way of running the office.

This is a database system constructed using binary search trees. The data contained in the DB consists of two binary trees that store a type student and a type faculty. This program is used to represent a simple re-creation of something that might be found in a university's computer system.

Deep learning model capable of tagging video frames that contain coding sections, specifically in programming tutorials. Basically takes a video, and selects the frames it believes to have code within it. I helped label data for the neural network, and develop web based interfaces for the program.