I like to call myself a Creative Technologist, working with several technologies and expressing my creativity in each. I am a Software Engineer, Photographer, Youtuber, and Designer living in Southern California.

My love for technology started when I was 14 years old when my grandpa taught me how to build computers. Ever since then I have been growing and learning in this fascinating field.


I have not forgotten about my days of computer hardware, always looking for a new way to upgrade my pc, but I've shifted my focus to software engineering, learning Java in highschool and continuing with several more languages in college. I have dabbled in many types of software. First, I learned Python so that I could do some basic data science and machine learning through PyTorch. I was then taught more complex Java and C++ through classes at my university, and used that new knowledge to create several small projects. Web development was not offered at my University so I decided to teach it to myself. I first started with ASP.net, then moved to the basic style of HTML/CSS and Javascript. My favorite web development now is probably NodeJS and Angular which I use to create web apps. I also have experience in app development starting out with iOS development in Swift, learning Android development with Kotlin, and most recently learning Dart for development with Flutter. Flutter so far has been my favorite type of app development.


My love for photography started in late 2018 when I got an old Nikon D9 (a camera from 2008) handed down to me by the same grandpa that taught me how to build computers. Ever since then I have been obsessed, studying creative photography and developing my own style to photography.


For a long time I've wanted to be a video creator having always had ideas for videos but never having gone through with them. Finally, I decided to change that and create my own YouTube channel. This way I have an outlet to show the content I love creating! My videos consisnt of self help content that I find exciting, and want to share!


My interest in design started shortly after building my first computer. Now that I had one of these computer things the world was my oyster. I soon discovered graphic design, and before you know it, Photoshop was on my Christmas list. After I got it, I immediately started creating. I made wallpapers for anything I was interested in. I had wallpapers for Transformers, The Walking Dead, snowboarding, soccer players, video games, and more. Looking back now, I can see that they were incredibly terrible, but I couldn't have been more proud at the time. Ever since them I have grown my skill in photoshop, using it in most projects I create nowadays.