Let's talk software

So this used to contain a lot more. A list with this website, wordpress websites I've built, publications I helped with, and half finished apps. I've taken them out because I decided I only wanted to show off what I'm genuinely passionate about- Villuna


Villuna is a web app built with Angular, NodeJS, Express, and PostgreSQL. It's an app built for the real estate industry.
I've spent a huge amount of time building it out, and while it's not out yet, I'd like to cover some of the things I've implemented.


Along with all the easy front end stuff (design and creation of login, signup, profile pages) I spent a large time understanding proper authentication techniques. My web app authentication includes password hashing with bcrypt, creating access and refresh JWTs that are signed and encrypted, and secure storing of the tokens in a http only, secure cookie.


I taught myself how to properly handle image/data storage through AWS. Villuna needs to store the users images and designs. For this, I create presigned urls that allow the user to upload straight from the angular frontend to my AWS bucket. Each image is stored by a unique id, and stored in the database along with a foreign key of the current user id so that I can query all necessary images.

Facebook API Implementation

I taught myself how to implement the facebook marketing api so that users can link their facebook account and generate ads straight from our platform.

Front End

Through this project I've learned so much about professional front end design. Using HTML, CSS, TS, and bootstrap I've created (in my opinion) a very professional looking home page, dashboard, profile page, and all other needed pages throughout the website.