My personal website created from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap. Designed by me and created by me. The site you're viewing is actually the third edition of my website, with one built in, and one built with simple HTML/CSS. I re-designed the website each time, and basically created an entirely new website.

A WebFlow website built for Bella Corporation, an earthmoving company based in Southern California. Build from scratch using the WebFlow designer and editor.

A WordPress website built for Terra South Corp, an earthwork and paving company based in Las Vegas. Plugins used include Akismet Anti-spam, Beaver Builder, and GoDaddy Email Marketing.

A WordPress website built for the Machine Learning and Assistive Technologies Labratory at Chapman University. Maintained and updated by me from 2016 - 2020.


Rek't is an drinking game that I am currently developing using the Flutter framework. I am hoping to begin the process of putting it on the app and play store by early to mid 2020.

Learning lexical features of programming languages from imagery using convolutional neural networks

This research project sought to test the ability of convolutional neural networks to differentiate between different programming languages from coding tutorials found on the internet. Results showed that computer vision models can be taught to differentiate programming languages with over 98% accuracy!

A topic analysis of the R programming language

This research project used Latent Dirichlet Allocation to simply evaluate R source code and the topic space of scientific computing. The method we used was able to identify programming concepts, as well as concepts that are specific to scientific and high performance computing applications.

More coming soon!